InstaVideo – Add music to videos, no crop

Insta Video app helps you to edit your video with blur background, music  and apply effects.


Make a memorable video editing with music, overlay effects and more editing features.
-Add music to your videos or save in square
.- Add music to your videos with custom music clips
– One touch Share on Facebook and others
– Easy to edit any video with professional editing tools
– Blur video background instantly
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Splash Cropper : selfie cam & snap photo

Splash Cropper : selfie cam & snap photo is a photo editing app having powerful feature and beautiful unique filters and effects.


Splash Cropper : selfie cam & snap photo is a photo editing app having powerful feature and beautiful unique filters and effects,which helps to increase more likes on social sites like Facebook ,twitter, Instagram .

You can take selfie with camera live filters and edit it with moving shapes in few seconds.
You can square ,blur and mirror your images.
Apply gradient effects over images.

App Key Features:

i) Take Selfie with unique effects.
ii) Choose photo form library and apply filter ,gradient as per your choice.
iii) Square your photo for Instagram share.
iv) Create Color Splash using various shapes.
v) Create Blur & unblur on wanted part of images.
vi) Overlay: use more than twenty gradient color.
vii) Mirror your images.
viii) Save & Share image on all social sites.

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Pip Gallery & Camera Effects

Pip Gallery & Camera Effects -Selfie Cam Apply Multiple Effects & Picture Layout Editor Free.


Pip Camera Effects comes with 4 types of Photo Filters and Effects
Crazy Photo Effects
Crazy Photo Effects include following Effects:
Photo Mirror Effects: Photo Mirrors like Mirror Effects, Photo Negative Effects, Gray Scale and more.
Silly Photo Effects: Silly effects like Old Paint and More photo effects.
Funny Photo Effects: Funny Effects like Big Brother and More.
Seasons Photo Effects: Season Effects like Old Photo Effects, Sun Burn, Engrave and More Photo Effects.
Crazy Photo Effects: Crazy Effects like Princess Photo Effects, Glass Effects more Effects.
Sepia Color Effects with Various Photo Color Effects.
Live Camera Filters – Live camera Effects pop your photos with live photo filters and support both cameras. Live Camera Filters includes top photo filters.
PIP Camera – Photo in Photo Effects with Background Photo Blur. You can Change the Shape of Photo in front include photos shapes like Heart Photo Shape, Diamond Photo Shape and More photo shapes.
d) Photo Editor – Photo Editor includes ability to edit photos with Photo Saturation, Photo Contrast and Photo Brightness effects.

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PIP Camera-Photo In Photo Effects

PIP Camera-Photo In Photo Effect is an application which actually set your photo into a new amazing frames with different forms and shapes. 


PIP Camera – photo effect gives your photos many fantastic effects that makes your photos unique and with an amazing style! It will more than fun if you try our new cute designs, special pip star magazine style and more… That we are letting you discover it in the application once installed.

How to use:
– Choose a photo from your gallery.
- Choose you photo frames from the different 3d frame and more…
- Place, crop, do whatever you want with your photo from the different styles.
- Apply more effects to your photo.
- Save and share your photo.

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Pencil sketch maker iOS

Enjoy and have fun, making art of photo story with Pencil Sketch Maker App.


Pencil Sketch Maker app make you an artist by creating pencil sketch of your photos. You can capture picture from your camera to generate the sketch. Both black-white and color sketch results can be easily created by JUST one button click.
Pencil Sketch Maker lets you convert your photos into sketches or cartoon avatars by applying up to 30+ different image effects.
It also support best image editor tool – Adobe Creative SDK to enhancing your photos.
Pencil Sketch Maker can be applied to any image. Best effects are obtained by using a picture with a big head.

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Face Age Detector: Make fun of face with age detection

Face Age Detector- Face,Age

This app can determine a person’s age and gender.


This application is very easy to use simply by using photos and clip detection will automatically measure how old you are and your age based on facial lines and some other algorithms. Face Age Camera calculates how old you look through the analysis of wrinkles on the face, eyes, smile, face shape and the ratio of faces.

Note: This is just a prank application for fun and entertainment purposes only.

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No Crop Insta Square App just one more helping

No Crop Insta Square app supports full fledge photo editing tools by which you can post full sized pics on various social networks without cropping. It has very user friendly interface, including a picture editor with different effects to make the pics you post on social network even more special.


Key Features:

* Post full sized photos on various social network.
* Rotate, flip and resize photos.
* Can choose awesome free background patterns.
* Select album photos as your background
* 24+ custom filters to make your photos more beautiful
* Add text with different fonts and resize it
* 100+ free stickers and emoji stickers to personalize your photo
* Share photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, mail or anywhere else.

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